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Why Worley's Best?

Enviromentally Safe
No Acids, Ammonia or Abrasives.
Safe For: Gold, Silver, Diamonds, Pearls, Opals, Turquoise, and more.
Also cleans Eyeglass Lenses (plastic or glass)


"I use Worley's Best Jewelry Cleaner everyday on my glasses, and at least twice a week on my watch and neckglace."
RQ - South Carolina


"I highly recommend this product to anyone who likes to keep a shine on their accessories."
DL - Orlando, Fla.


The Ultimate in Jewelry Cleaners

Worley's Best is safe and gentle, even with skin contact. No other jewelry polishing agent can equal this modern scientific process.

Worley's Best can also brighten and polish platinum, chrome, stainless steel and aluminum. It absorbs and applies a polishing agent for an extremely high gloss finish.

This process can be applied to specially coated anti-glare lenses without harm to the finish. After application. Worley's Best protects the surface with an anti-fogging compound that will actually assist in the prevention of superficial surface scratches. In addition to eyeglasses, Worley's Best can achieve the same superior results on bathroom mirrors, camera lenses, computer screens, t.v.'s, video screens, inside car and boat winshields, ski and scuba masks, binoculars, rifle scopes and air craft.

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